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Emerging Technologies Impacting the Construction Industry

According to, the construction industry contributes over 4% to the U.S. GDP. Advancements in technology and a decrease in available labor is starting to play an increasingly important role in how the construction industry operates. It’s important that we adapt to new technology, embrace automation and keep ahead of trends that will encourage younger workers to join the construction industry.

Here are a few new technologies that are being adapted into the industry today.

With the construction industry being one of the most labor intensive careers available it’s no wonder robotics are starting to play a role in how work gets done. Just recently there was a breakthrough bricklaying technology named SAM or Semi-Automated Mason introduced to the industry. Designed and engineered by Construction Robotics this commercially available robot works in collaboration with a mason to increase productivity and efficiency. The use of robotics, will help reduce dangerous or repetitive work – decreasing the number of on-site injuries, and saving time and resources.

Drone Imagery
Drones are starting to play an important role in many industries. The introduction of drones to the construction industry allows companies to map out worksites and produce two and three dimensional images. Since most drones use a coordinate-based system, it is possible to achieve more accurate measurements in a fraction of the time.

Solar Roofing
The price for solar panels continue to fall year over year. Becoming more accessible and affordable has encouraged manufacturers to come up with new and inspiring designs and advancements.  The latest innovation comes from Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla motor company, his revolutionary new roof shingles with integrated solar cells will dramatically decrease the cost and increase the aesthetic appeal of solar roofing.

3-D Laser Scanning
Another new advancement is the use of 3-D laser scanners to create digital reproductions of structures. By taking the dimensions and positions of an object in space this piece of equipment can transfer that data into a digital cloud based reproduction. This technology offers the ability to measure the structure and dimensions of a building in a faster and more precise manner than conventional tools. While it is not currently being widely used, it is a trend that is expected to be adopted at a faster rate over the next five years.

Smart Helmet
Invented by USA-based Daqri, a developer of augmented reality products, Smart Helmet is no ordinary hardhat. Build with a transparent visor and special lenses this helmet utilizes 4-D augmented reality technology to gather information about its environment. Its array of cameras and sensors help users navigate hazards and receive visual tasks or instructions. This new technology will revolutionize site visits and allow companies to increase profitability and efficiency.

These are just some of the new technologies being used in the construction industry to improve efficiency, keep workers safe and save money. Northpoint Construction Management is at the forefront of these cutting edge technologies and would love the opportunity to learn more about your project. Contact us today at 603-546-2000 or email at