5 Simple Tips for Building a Restaurant

You have always had a lifelong dream of opening a restaurant and now you are taking the leap. You have been given advice about first steps in this enterprise such as developing the concept; finding a location; securing funding; hiring staff; and advertising your new business. But has anyone discussed the process of constructing the building that will house the business of your dreams? Since you are literally building your dream from the ground up, how can you avoid pitfalls along the way? Here are some helpful tips.
Renovated or New – First determine if you should go into an already established site and renovate rather than build from the ground up. Sometimes a building will catch your eye, but make sure that you have a construction expert make a site visit and give you estimates on renovation costs. Often times, there are a lot of hidden costs and it may be more economical for you to build. This is a critical phase in your project. Do your homework.
Choosing the Construction Company – Once you decide you are building, how do you choose a construction company? First and foremost choose a construction company that knows the neighborhood. It will be a great benefit to you since they know the local regulatory rules and sub-contractors in the area. Secondly, choose a company that will work to keep your costs down. Ask for references from other businesses they have worked with throughout the years before making a final decision.
Budget – How do you stay on budget? One thing restaurateurs understand well is their budget. A good construction company understands that if they can’t meet the restaurateur’s budget from the beginning, they are already putting the project in jeopardy. Choose a company where they will discuss issues with you along the way about how to avoid additional costs and how changes will affect your overall budget and bottom line.
Recruiting Staff – Get the right people involved in the project from the very beginning. While the restaurant owner will dictate the budget and how the money will be spent, it’s important to get key people like the chef and bar manager onboard early on. Their input can impact design elements within the restaurant space.
Dining Trends – Pay close attention to dining trends. While it shouldn’t derail you from your desired direction, it’s important to know what consumers today are looking for in their dining experience. Pay attention to details: acoustics; size and placement of the bar; table locations throughout the restaurant; bringing the outside in with open doors for good weather dining; an intimate, rather “chain restaurant” feeling; multiple options for cooking for the chefs (wood-fired, gas, etc.) Do your homework before making final decisions and ask your construction contractor how these choices will impact your overall budget.
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