Gary Thomas

Restaurant Construction

Hidden Construction Costs of Opening a Restaurant

According to the average budget overrun when building a restaurant is 33%. That is a huge number when you are just getting started in a business.
If you are considering building a new restaurant or even renovating an established building to be a restaurant, there are many hidden restaurant construction costs that you need to consider.


Hiring a designer can seem like a waste of money for a small restaurant, but designing a restaurant is a bit trickier than it looks. What about the seating plan? If you mess up the design, it could mean fewer seats and that will cost you money in the long run.

A good designer can make sure you have the right flow for the finished space and that will mean a happy staff and happy customers.

Did you know that Northpoint can help you with the design of your building as well as the construction? From helping you select the right building site to drafting plans that understand both design and construction parameters, we minimize surprises by anticipating multiple requirements and potential hurdles.
We’re able to bring in our crews at the earliest possible time, even before the design and finish selections are fully complete. Our design and build teams enjoy a long productive history of fully supporting our clients and each other.

MEPs – Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing

These can be one of the major points of cost over run. When you are dealing with an existing structure you might find that the HVAC system you thought was fine is actually not up to code. Or the building might not have doors in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and you need to tear out all the doors and install new ones.
Making sure your MEPs are up to code and up to date can save you tens of thousands of dollars in building costs.


Building permits, Certificate of Occupancy, Liquor License…there are a million permits required before you can open for business. The permits themselves might not be too expensive but do you know everything you need? It pays to work with professionals who know what goes into building a new restaurant and when each permit needs to be submitted and approved in the process. Nothing worse then closing up a wall before the electrical inspector approves your permit!

You can view a variety of the restaurants that Northpoint Construction has worked on in the past on our portfolio page. Once you have an idea of what we can accomplish for you contact us and learn how we can help you to stay on budget and on time!