Gary Thomas

Restaurant Construction

How Design Can Affect Your Restaurant’s Success

When thinking about designing your new restaurant it’s important to not only think about plates and tablecloths, but drafts, bad views and tight spaces too.

Taking the time to think through how people will walk through a space, as well as how to fit in the most seats to help turn a profit, will serve you in the long run. No one likes a crowded restaurant where you are almost sitting on your neighbor. But as the owner, you will also need to make sure that there are enough seats that you don’t need to rush diners through their meal in order to seat the next group.

Here at Northpoint, we work with our restaurant clients to clearly align design and construction with their customer experience vision, then integrate it into a beautiful whole.

Our attention to detail means that we are thinking about everything from the seating plan to building a ventilation system that will allow your diners to eat free from kitchen smells.

Here are six things to consider when designing a restaurant:

1. What is each chair looking at? Can you move a door or put up a partition so that no one is looking into the busing station or restroom?

2. How will wait staff move through the room? Are you leaving enough space for walking through when all the chairs are filled?

3. Will your guests be the right temperature? Vents need to be thoughtfully arranged so that no one is too hot or too cold.

4. Do you need to include soundproofing? Think about the sound level in your dining room, make sure that diners will be able to hear a conversation happening at their table.

5. Have you left room for special touches? Can you fit a plant in the corner? Or that beautiful painting between the windows?

6. Are restrooms easily accessible? You don’t want to send guests through the middle of a workstation to get to the bathroom!

We are ready to help you work through all of these restaurant design issues and help you construct a restaurant with in your budget. Contact us to get started today!